Learning From the 2008 Financial Panic

publication date: Feb 2, 2011

The 2008 Financial Crisis was perhaps a once in a lifetime event. You have to go back to 1907 in the U.S. to find a similar financial panic.

All over the Internet, I've run into many gurus and private money managers making claims about supposedly seeing it coming and supposedly investing to avoid it and/or to take advantage of it. I've debunked many of these claims in various articles.


There's a further opportunity here to learn something more from the debacle. Enter Gary Karz, CFA. Many years ago, I recommended his website, InvestorHome.com, in some of my books. Alas, Gary's day job at the Plexus Group didn't allow him for a number of years to keep adding content to his website. Now, he's back in the saddle and I highly recommend his recently completed report entitled, "The Housing Crash and Financial Crisis."

The report is broken up into several sections including: Book Reviews, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) Report, Articles & Links, List of Crisis Books.

Set aside a chunk of time - there's a lot here to digest!


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