Eric Tyson, best-selling author of Personal Finance for Dummies and Investing for Dummies, economist and advisor, analyzes financial news and provides financial planning insights. Eric Tyson's got your back and is looking out for you!

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Using the News

What his investment choices say about his views of the U.S. and his economic and investing intelligence
If Trump Advisor Steve Bannon had read Investing For Dummies, Trump might not be President!
My evaluation of what they offer and how it stacks up
(Former) MSNBC "Journalist" Keith Olbermann crossing the line sign of broader problem
Understanding the truth about these emerging and hyped "currencies"

Worth Examining

Resources and strategies that work in today's technologically driven world
Comparing free smart-phone apps to satellite-based systems
It can reduce risk but it also is likely to reduce returns
What else I did to lose 35 pounds in just six months and improve my health
New monitoring devices make home measuring and tracking over time a snap

The Straight Scoop

Getting your financial house in order and goals straight before investing
The keys to keeping money accumulation in proper perspective
Why you should tread carefully in the rapidly expanding app universe
Why what passes for business "journalism" today isn't journalism
Evaluating credit cards that offer sign-up and other bonuses worth considering  


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Preferred Portfolios

Making sense of domestic versus foreign stock holdings in balanced funds
Q: I am bothered that you advocate mutual funds. Many people have done far better investing in individual stocks than in mutual funds...we do our homework and will sit with a company's stock through good and bad...
Boost your investment returns by reducing your investing taxes
See how stocks and commodities compare regarding the risk of losing money
Keeping perspective on where the markets have been and may be heading

Book/Research Summaries

What methods and strategies work best at calming your nerves and staying balanced
A look at the accuracy of future forecasts by analysts who widely miss the mark
Research study highlights what works and what doesn't and why
Words of wisdom from noted crime prevention authority Jeff McKissack
Why do we have financial market bubbles and crashes? New research from the London School of Economics explains why and you can profit from the insights.

Guru Watch

What his investment choices say about his views of the U.S. and his economic and investing intelligence
An enlightening email exchange with CNBC pundit Jim Cramer
CNBC's Jim Cramer has made horrible stock picks and market calls during the 2008-09 financial crisis but this call from 2000 is his worst ever...
You gotta love Nouriel Roubini and Jim Cramer attacking each other...this is one time, when they both might actually be right!
Forecaster who Reuters calls a "top investor," "heavyweight" and "insider" now calling for even more severe downturn...but what is his track record?


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