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But, increasing numbers of states are raising their exemption amounts or eliminating these taxes altogther
Why too much of this tends to eventually be bad news for stock prices
Post Mortem on the 2016 Election and Implications for Your Money Decisions
Should you skew your investment allocation towards "undervalued" asset classes
What are the short-term and long-term consequences of the historic vote?

Worth Reading/Watching

An illuminating graphic that shows bad news coupled with stock market returns
Uncertainty of likely tax law changes makes planning more challenging
Further information suggests that major change of direction likely within one year
Is it hypocrisy to advocate index funds to others and then to invest with active managers?
He says he's not running but then says he might change his mind next spring when his television contract expires.

The Straight Scoop

Monthly and other fees often bigger consideration than interest rate
These new gadgets can track your daily exercise, heart rate, sleep patterns and more  
Living on the house: reverse mortgages
Handling student loans while navigating further schooling and work
Making the most of some complicated tax rules


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Preferred Portfolios

See how stocks and commodities compare regarding the risk of losing money
Keeping perspective on where the markets have been and may be heading
Deciding on the specific recipe or mix of investments is a hugely important's how to make the best decision
Currently recommended mutual funds
What's the best approach to reduce risk in your retirement account when nearing or in retirement?

Book/Research Summaries

What methods and strategies work best at calming your nerves and staying balanced
A look at the accuracy of future forecasts by analysts who widely miss the mark
Research study highlights what works and what doesn't and why
Words of wisdom from noted crime prevention authority Jeff McKissack
Why do we have financial market bubbles and crashes? New research from the London School of Economics explains why and you can profit from the insights.

Guru Watch

Forecaster who Reuters calls a "top investor," "heavyweight" and "insider" now calling for even more severe downturn...but what is his track record?
Ronald Reagan’s former budget director continues making waves in the press  
Donald Trump embroiled in numerous lawsuits over costly seminar promises
On air investing pundit's stock picks aren't so hot either
Cook Paid Financial Price and Served Seven Years in Federal Prison


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