Eric Tyson, best-selling author of Personal Finance for Dummies and Investing for Dummies, economist and advisor, analyzes financial news and provides financial planning insights. Eric Tyson's got your back and is looking out for you!

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Using the News

Could New Terrorism Concerns Weigh on the Financial Markets?
Millions getting cancellation notices, huge rate increases and scrambling for coverage
What’s going on with Obamacare’s implementation and impact on the economy
Dealing with cancellations, policy selection and much higher priced policies
Are dividend payments suggesting an overpriced or underpriced stock market?

Worth Reading/Watching

There’s a better approach to loading up on income investments for your retirement
What is the best way to lift the most people out of poverty?
When exercise appears to help more and when it doesn’t in recovering from particular medical problems
Author of "Paying for College without Going Broke" offers updated advice
Why some universities are expected to see large enrollment gains while others fail  

The Straight Scoop

Integrity and ethics in journalism and understanding why some people talk off the record
Seeking good customer service for an ongoing problem
Does what car you drive send others messages about your financial status?  
Time tested methods for buying property when you’re short of cash
Making Money in Stocks is Simple Yet Confounding for Some


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Preferred Portfolios

Leading Investment Newsletter Alters U.S. and Overseas Stock Allocations
An examination of current stock valuations versus historic norms
Keeping perspective on where the markets have been and may be heading
An analysis of similar charts and what it may mean for a high current U.S. stock market
A look inside his analysis (and something I tipped readers off to in April 2009)

Book/Research Summaries

Use these tips to substantially boost your car’s fuel efficiency
How the Affordable Care Act is effecting corporate employment and corporate profits  
Can you make more money investing in them and how has the U.S.' ranking changed?
What is unusual about their demographics or background that could explain their high incomes?  (FREE)
Seeing how much retirees actually spend can help you plan your own retirement better

Guru Watch

Evaluating Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys” book and how you should trade stocks
Divergent views on why federal tax revenue is lagging and what should be done to address it
Bill O'Reilly agrees with Roubini on other fallout from high oil prices...are these pundits right?
America's most widely watched television psychologist offered some dire financial warnings and advice
Ronald Reagan’s former budget director continues making waves in the press  


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